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FAQ: Rent a bike case for your road bike or mounntainbike

About renting a bike case at

For renting a bike case, you can contact us for the following models. The boxes must be picked up and dropped in Amsterdam (Laplacestraat 29-hs).

The big mountain biking case I rent for 60 euros per week/10 days. Thuis includes an aluminum frame and 2 wheel bags. See image below:

atb fietskoffer huur

The smaller trapezium bike case I rent out for 40 euro per week/10 dayas. Including 2 wheel bags and a crank protector. See image below:

BW fietskoffer zwart huur


The solid bags I rent out for 40 euro per week/10 days. See image below:

stevige fietstas opgevouwen

In total I have 12 trapezium bike cases, 1 ATB bike case and 2 solid bags for rent, they are guaranteed good and often only a few times used (I'll replace them for new models). If you are unsure whether you want to buy a bicycle case, you can also rent one and if you like it, buy it later at a discount of half the hire-purchase.

For availability please e-mail to

Happy holidays.